The “N” Effect

Web Solutions that Work For You

Expotential GraphSo what is the “N” Effect?

Simply put, the “N” Effect is limitlessness…

In math, a number to the Nth power, where N can be any number, implies infinite possibilities, potential and power. It is this concept that we infuse into our work ethic and that we strive to exude and pass on when helping our clients mold their vision of their web presence into a tangible, hard working, work of art.

Core Foci & Philosophies

Consistent, High Quality Rendering Across Multiple Devices

smartphone_tablet_laptopThe number of webpages being viewed on smartphones and tablets is increasing exponentially.

It used to be the case that you would need an entirely new website design if you wanted your visitors to access your website from a mobile device. Fortunately for both website owners, website designers, and website visitors, mobile technology has come a long way in eliminating that as a prerequisite for delivering a website to a mobile device.

Mobile Operating Systems (OS) have advanced along with the native web browser mobile support as well as third-party web browsers releasing mobile apps for browsing the web on mobile devices.

Web coding languages have also stepped their game up and have evolved to better accommodate mobile web traffic.

What this means is that the design you receive from NeffectSites is coded in such a way that it renders seamlessly and consistently across various mobile devices, with very little design differential between operating systems, web browsers, and device models.

And we are constantly looking for ways to minimize this design differential with more responsive designs and web components.

Easy Information Reception, Storage & Processing

name-tagA website’s visitors come and go, but if you never collect any data or information from them, then how can you expect to turn leads into actual paying customers?

Almost every website has a simple, run of the mill, “Contact Us” web form. What most of them lack is the power to get more information out of their users and really delve into what needs they have and how your business can address and satisfy those needs.

To help accomplish this, NEffectSites deploys dynamic web forms that do more than collect a name, email address and message.

Our web forms can:

  • Give your visitors price quotes on products or services, effectively helping your potential customers budget for doing business with you, while giving you an idea of how much a customer is willing to spend for your business.
  • Accept payments. If you have a standard Pay-Pal account and want to afford your clients the ability to pay you online, our web forms can handle that.
  • allow visitors or clients to send you files from a private and secure web form.

…and much, much, more

Message & Brand Management Across Social Networks

The Dreaded Social Media Monster - Art credit:

Social media. Embrace it for it has already embraced you, whether you realize or not, whether you choose to ignore it or shy away from it.

If you own a business, have sold a product or service, chances are someone has mentioned you and/or your business somewhere on the internet and there is a high probability that the forum they chose to evauate your business was a social network.

While NeffectSites is by no means a public relations firm, we can provide you with solutions and tools that help ease the burden of managing your business’ identity and perception on social networks, while simultaneously expanding your business marketability by taking advantage of social networking profiles.

We’ll even throw in some “best practices” advice in regards to social media management here and there if you have questions.

Measurable Solutions that Convey Value & ROI


It makes very little sense to invest money in a product or service if you cannot track and measure the return on your investment (R.O.I.) in that product or service.

We believe this wholeheartedly which is why we offer extensive analytics and stats for all websites hosted on

  • Measure your website’s social media footprint [example report]
  • Measure your most popular pages and stories [examples: A | B | C]
  • Measure which of your products and services are most popular among your current clients
  • See which topics your potential clients inquire about most on your dynamic web forms.

Through these figures you can better determine which areas of your website may need more TLC or determine which sections of your website you should promote more because of their high popularity.

Client Confidence Via Content Empowerment

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What is the above block of text? What does it do? Is that all of it?

If any or all of the answers to those questions are “I don’t know” or “I don’t care to know” then you are not alone.

Here at NeffectSites we empower our clients who host their sites with us to champion their own content via our Content Management Accouts (CMAs). Need to make an update to a webpage or post, you can do it at anytime. Need to make an update to the content, but your at the grocery store, whip out your tablet or smartphone and make the edit from our mobile CMA app. And that’s not even the best part. Remember that block of code? Instead of editing that? You’ll edit your content like this, just like you would in a Microsoft Word Document.

Have a question or want to know more about the services we offer? Just hit the links located below this post. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to Get NEffect! is owned & operated by Tri-FFECTA Productions, LLC.